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Customer Testimonials

American Greetings

Over the past 4 years, Plus Mark has used Applied Technologies Resources for all our water treatment needs. Our ATR representative, Bill Iverson, has provided invaluable knowledge, resources, and commitment to achieving our desired goals in our wastewater treatment, boilers, and cooling operations.

ATR's approach to solving our waste treatment challenges, especially in regard to Molybdenum, has been comprehensive, including chemical management, testing development, training, waste treatment improvements, chemical formulations, trace removal of Molybdenum, and water re-use.

Boiler and cooling treatment control is state-of-the-art, with telecommunications monitoring and alert to both our operator, as well as ATR. Our last chiller and boiler inspections were excellent. Response to our needs has always been quick, comprehensive, and effective.

I recommend Applied Technologies for your water treatment needs.

Donald Harris Building Maintenance & Telecommunication Supervisor American Greetings

I am writing this letter on behalf of Bill Iverson and Applied Technologies Resources. We have worked with Bill for approximately two years and he has served as our water treatment consultant. We have found Bill to be dedicated and professional. He has been responsive to our needs and his services have been invaluable to us.

I would like to recommend Bill highly in the field of water treatment.

Vivian Hamilton Vice President Historic Vanderbilt Medical School Building, Inc.

Since 1997, Nashville Recycling retained the services of Applied Technologies Resources (ATR) because of particular challenges we had in controlling BOD, SS, Ph and 0&G in our waste water stream. Bill Iverson, with ATR, proved to be proficient, dedicated and effective in meeting our water treatment parameters.

In addition to meeting our expectations as a water treatment supplier, ATR exceeded those expectations in being sensitive to our costs, working to keep our costs down and profitability up. ATR also implemented automated, remote monitoring systems, which allowed proactive action to system upsets and minimized our labor requirements for the waste water plant. Bill Iverson was very dedicated to our waste water project in that he would come to meet my plant manager around the clock for expert monitoring of our system.

I highly recommend Applied Technologies Resources to address your water treatment needs. It is a great pleasure to know and work with Bill Iverson and ATR.

Edward McRedmond President Nashville Recycling Corporation

It is my pleasure to write a letter of references for Bill Iverson [ATR]. I have worked with Bill for four years as he has served as our water treatment consultant. Bill has been an invaluable technical resource on a variety of projects.

I have found Bill to be honest, dedicated and professional in his work. Bill responds quickly and effectively as needs arise. I can recommend Bill highly.

Claude Sawyer Engineer Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corporation U.S.A.

I have known Bill professionally since 1978, when he sold and serviced the water treatment contract here at the University of Tennessee, until 1990, when he moved to Nashville, TN.

Through these 12 years, Bill provided water treatment consulting services to the University with honesty and technical expertise which has been unparalleled. Though the company he worked for changed names three times during that period, the service, dedication, and professionalism remained the only constant, servicing the University twice monthly, never missing a visit per my recollection.

During this time, many projects were initiated to streamline operations, automate, improve control, conserve energy and decrease waste. Tremendous savings were able to be documented by the University as a result. System performances and equipment life increased.

We still reap the benefits of the programs Bill began at the University. As Bill's counterpart at U.T., I had great satisfaction and am honored that I was able to be a part of implementing the water treatment program with Bill. A great lesson I learned was that regardless of company name changes, Bill was who the company was, and was so represented with excellence.

I highly recommend Mr. Iverson as the principle at ATR. His education, honesty, and drive, together with his 20+ years of experience, in my opinion, qualify him as tops in the field of water treatment.

Raymond Effler Water Control Services University of Tennessee
R3 Industrial

I am writing this letter of reference for Bill Iverson and Applied Technologies Resources. We have had Bill as our wastewater and boiler treatment consultant since 2009.  Bill has been an invaluable part of our team and has worked many hours getting our systems working properly and training myself and our other water treatment employees to help us maintain our goals in our wastewater and boiler operations.

Bill has always been dedicated to help improve our process while also helping us save money at the same time.  He has helped us numerous times both by phone and also taking time to make special trips to our facility when we had a problem we could not resolve.

I highly recommend Bill to anyone that needs a knowledgeable, honest and caring person for their water and boiler treatment operations.

Donna Siske - R3 Industrial

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